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DRE # 01879516


In 2001, my first job in the real estate and mortgage industries was in wholesale lending. I did that until the end of 2007, which is when I started HP Investments, Inc with Quentin Hyde.

I graduated from USC with a bachelor’s in business administration with an emphasis in Real Estate Development. I worked for Decision One Mortgage owned by HSBC from 2001 – 2005. I loved working with mortgage brokers and helping them find the right loan product for their clients. I then worked for Long Beach Mortgage owned by Washington Mutual from 2005-2007. I started HP Investments, Inc (HPI Real Estate, HPI Financial) at the end of 2007 and we opened HPI Property Management in 2014.

I created this brokerage to give our agents an amazing platform to run their individual businesses. We focused on building systems that helped them become productive and be able to provide their clients with excellent service through our processing team.

Solving problems. Things come up during a Real Estate transaction and to be able to overcome these obstacles brings me immense joy. I also enjoy doing both the financing and Real Estate for my clients. This bring great value through better communication plus we rebate 1% up to $7500 to our clients who do both the loan and Real Estate through us.

I am a private pilot, I enjoy racing sailboats, traveling, hiking, making wine, cooking amazing food for my friends and family.

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